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ilLUminate: Darleen Valdes

At lumenomics, our success is the sum of all our diverse talents, experiences, and stories coming together to shine bright. We’re taking a moment to illuminate the gifts and contributions of the unique and amazing people that comprise Teamlu. Today, we’re ilLUminating Project Coordinator: Darleen Valdes.

Darleen has been with Teamlu since 2018. Having spent her entire life in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, Darleen moved to Columbus, Ohio to be with her fiance- leaving behind her family, home, and native language. Following the birth of her son, she joined lumenomics in the production department.

“It was difficult because I am by myself basically. All my family is in Puerto Rico, but I always found a way to make it work. At lumenomics, they knew the language barrier was there for me, but worked with me to make things super simple and help me out. When I was in Production, and my son was a baby, sometimes I would bring him with me because I had trouble with daycare. They were supportive of me. That is one of the things I like about lumenomics. It’s pro-employee and pro-family. I am able to bring my full self to work. I am able to be myself without judgment. I feel comfortable.”

Darleen (pictured center) and Production team in 2018.

Darleen’s exceptional talents and abilities quickly became known, and she was soon promoted from Production to the Administrative department, where she works with invoicing and project coordination. In addition to her critical work in administration, Darleen can use her unique experience to cultivate success.

“What makes me me is me! I feel like every single person- we are like one universe in each of us, you know? We are special. For me, I am bilingual. I am proud. I can adapt to my environment very well. I am good at self-management and can do a lot of things by myself- using the time that I have well. There are times people need me to translate, and I can even use my Spanish to help. I’m always willing to help when I can.”


At lumenomics, we are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion on and off the job site. See how we're changing the face of the construction and design industry at

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