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After over 25 years of experience in the window treatment and lighting control industry, Marti Hoffer, founder and CEO of lumenomics, noticed a problem: customers purchase window treatments to increase the use of electric light, not decrease it.


To solve this problem, Marti founded lumenomics in 2009 with a clear, singular vision: 


To increase the use of natural light by decreasing reliance on the electric light in spaces through integrated shade and lighting systems. 


At lumenomics, we understand that quality, controllable light is vital to creating working or living spaces with minimal environmental impact and maximum health benefits for the people who work and play in those spaces.

Your Value-Added Partner

lumenomics has a wide range of design, manufacture, and installation professionals that can assist with projects including new construction, retrofits, renovations, and tenant improvements. 


lumenomics is a trustworthy Value-Added Partner for you to meet the expectations of you and your customers. 


lumenomics is your single point of contact to advise and work with you to find the best possible solution available. Using trusted lighting and shading products, lumenomics designs, installs, and integrates technologies to offer a customized, seamless solution. Once the project is complete, lumenomics will continue providing you and your team with ongoing support.



Diversity & Inclusion Matter at lumenomics

At lumenomics, we operate as a network of teams, from administration to project management to installation. Our network of teams thrives on empowerment, open dialogue, and inclusive working styles.


Currently, 46% of lumenomics's workforce are women and 30% are ethnic minorities. lumenomics is 100% Women-Owned and LGBT-Owned, and we are proud of it.


Diversity and inclusion are top priorities at lumenomics because we know diverse and inclusive teams are more innovative, engaged, and creative. 


"As Director Construction for Fazoli's, we needed a fast, reliable, quality window blind solutions provider to meet the challenges of our new branding design standards. We found that solution in lumenomics!"

John Bernardo, Assoc. AIA  

Director of Construction

"lumenomics was very proactive in the resolution of issues on the project. Oftentimes, the window treatments are provided directly under a contract with the Owner. As sustainability and energy reduction strategies are developed, window treatments are an integral part of that plan. As a result, interior and exterior shading options are being packaged as part of the construction documents and are required to integrate with the building management controls and interior lighting controls. lumenomics was a good partner in the development of shading options that not only looked good but functioned great."

"Because we invested in the health and wellness and client experience of our members, lighting has really added to Atlas Workbase and our experience here. People tell us every day, ‘I’ve never had a more productive day of work.'" 

Brent Bohan

Project Executive

Bill Sechter

Owner, CEO, and Co-founder

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