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Trolls & Trash Bridge Clean-Up and Fundraiser

Updated: Aug 24

Last month, lumenomics received the following email through our website’s contact portal:

As a certified LGBTQ-owned company in the construction industry, we’re used to judgmental looks, raised eyebrows, even the occasional cold shoulder, but outright targeted hate like this was a first for us.

We work hard to be boldly visible in our industry. While it’s often intimidating, our experiences have never discouraged us from being who we are and standing up for what we believe in. Messages like this are meant to intimidate and threaten marginalized voices like ours, and we’d be lying if we said it didn’t disappoint us to have such terrible words sent directly to our inbox. However, this email does strongly communicate the continued need for work towards equity, inclusion, and understanding for LGBTQ+ people in our industry and world.

Whether it’s daylight design or in our own lives, we believe in transformation, change, and love, which is what allows us to see beautiful potential in such an ugly and hateful message. That’s why we wanted to use this opportunity as a catalyst to do something good in our community and raise awareness of the discrimination LGBTQ+ people face in our industry and world.

Taking a cue from “Mr. Straightman” we sought out the highest accessible bridge in Seattle - The Aurora Bridge. However, rather than jump off it, we thought we’d stand proudly and wave our lumenomics flag high. That’s why we’ve partnered with Seattle Public Utilities' Adopt-a-Street program to formally adopt the streets near the Aurora Bridge and the Fremont Troll for the next two years. This weekend, with the help of our team, community, and supporters like GSBA, we hosted our first volunteer Trolls & Trash clean-up event to tidy up the streets and improve our beloved city. Click out the slides below for photos of the event:

To celebrate the success of this event, we’re launching a matching campaign for The Trevor Project where #teamlu will match up to $1,500 in donations.

Whether it’s donating to our fundraiser, participating in future Trolls and Trash clean-up events, or having important discussions about diversity and inclusion in your teams and industries, together we can make this world a better, safer place for LGBTQ+ people to live, work, and thrive.

We ask for your help on our mission.

Donate here:


- Teamlu

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