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Connected home illumination.
Driven by daylight.

Live life illuminated.

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Your home needs the sun.


Natural Daylight is critical to our well-being.

We spend 95% of our lives indoors. Opening our homes to natural daylight increases wellness, happiness, and elevates our moods. 

Daylight is sustainable.

Illumination with natural light is free, sustainable, and energy-efficient.


Illuminate with Natural Daylight first.

Every house has natural illumination opportunities from the sides and tops of the structure. We utilize these opportunities to design a lighting system that starts with natural daylight. 

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Side Lighting

TDD dot2 .png

Top Lighting


Electric Lighting

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Lighting Controls

Cozy Living Room

Connected Illumination with one touch.

Simple control brings together electric and natural illumination devices. 

Antumbra switches give occupants instant control over their illumination settings. Program your illumination devices to match the use of your space.

Let's get lit.

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