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Women's History Month Spotlight: Louise Chernin

lumenomics thanks Louise Chernin for her decades-long commitment to advancing the interests of Seattle’s women and minority business owners.

Louise Chernin, President and CEO of GSBA
Louise Chernin, President and CEO of GSBA

As a gay, woman-owned business competing in a straight, male-dominated industry, lumenomics has experienced first-hand some of the struggles facing minority business owners. Ms. Louise Chernin has had a deep and sustaining impact on Seattle’s LGBTQ+ business community by providing them with opportunities to make the connections necessary to grow and expand their businesses. On Susan B. Anthony Day, lumenomics founder and president, Marti Hoffer took the opportunity to formally thank Ms. Louise Chernin for her work on behalf of minority business owners.

Ms. Chernin is the president and CEO of GSBA - Washington State’s LGBTQ and allied chamber of commerce. Under Ms. Chernin’s leadership, the GSBA has grown to be the largest LGBTQ and allied chamber of commerce in North America. The GSBA’s programs have attracted over 1,300 small business, corporate, and nonprofit members who share the values of promoting equality and diversity in the workplace. The GSBA continues to grow and expand its programs, most recently adding a pop-up shop for Seattle vendors to sell to and interact with local consumers.

Marti Hoffer, Founder and CEO of lumenomics, with Louise Chernin and her GSBA staff.
Marti Hoffer, Founder and CEO of lumenomics, with Louise Chernin and her GSBA staff.

GSBA is not simply an LGBTQ chamber of commerce, it is a business connector and advocator that examines everything through the lens of civil rights and social justice first and through the lens of economic opportunity second. It is Ms. Chernin’s “total commitments to fairness, compassion, and equality above all else” that has driven the GSBA in this direction says longtime GSBA staff and friend, Ilona Lohrey, adding Ms. Chernin “has always been an activist and an activator but at the same time one of the most compassionate people I know.”

Women’s History Month is a reminder to honor and celebrate women like Ms. Chernin now so they may be remembered by generations in the future.

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