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Team lu #OptOutside with REI on Black Friday

Forget shopping under fluorescent lights, team lu chose to #OptOutside and have adventures in nature.

At lumenomics, we deal in natural light because human health and wellness cannot exists without regular, consistent exposure to it. Over ninety percent of U.S. residents spend ninety percent of their lives indoors, where natural light is in short supply. This is especially true for office workers. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown the importance and benefits of incorporating natural light in office space because of its direct, measurable effects on the occupant’s health. Moreover, one simply cannot perform efficiently and effectively without exposure to natural light. We maximize the use of natural light in designed spaces, so more humans can enjoy the countless benefits of what the sun has to offer. But, we also know that nothing beats being outdoors.

In 2019, we are launching #luWellness, an initiative aimed at empowering team members to take charge of their health. We want our employees to do more than join a gym (and further their exposure to electric light); we want to help them to adopt healthy lifestyle choices that incorporate the outdoors into their daily lives. Studies have shown that humans must have thirty minutes outdoors everyday to achieve optimal health. As part of #luWellness, employees will be encouraged to take a thirty-minute walk every day outdoors. To kick off this initiative, we asked our team members to join REI’s #OptOutside, which encourages everyone to forego shopping and spend Black Friday outdoors.

The origins of REI’s # OptOutside campaign

In 2014, REI started the #OptOutside campaign to encourage its employees to spend Black Friday with families and friends outdoors instead of working indoors. “It was about reclaiming a day that was distorting a time to give thanks for what we have, and re-grounding in what we value most in life as an outdoor community,” said Jerry Stritzke, REI’s chief outdoorsman (and President/CEO). Four years later, millions of people have chosen to join REI and enjoy the great outdoors on the busiest retail shopping day of the year.

Team lu chose to # OptOutside

REI’s #OptOutside was the perfect opportunity to tease #luWellness, which will officially begin in 2019. Recognizing that passion begets passion, employees were given REI beanies and asked to snap photos of themselves on their adventures in the outdoors. Our goal is to motivate more employees to participate in both the luWellness and #OptOutside next year by giving visibility to the fun times had by opting outside.

It is undeniable that there are connections between being in nature and our health and wellness. With the help of #luWellness we are optimistic that our employees will adopt #OptOutside as a lifestyle. We hope you do as well.

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