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2020 Susan B. Anthony Honoree: Karen Dove

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Building an equitable world begins with opening the doors to exclusive spaces and transforming them into welcoming and supportive places for others. For Karen Dove, this is her daily mission.

As the Executive Director of Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Employment for Women program (ANEW), Karen has devoted her career to improving accessibility and advancement for women and people of color in non-traditional career pathways such as construction and manufacturing. Her championing of equity and inclusion in the construction industry is not only awe-inspiring to witness, but life-changing for those whose careers she has helped advanced through her advocacy, dedication, and hard work. A quick glance around the ANEW offices reveal the scale of her impact.

It is with immense admiration and joy that lumenomics is proud to honor Karen Dove with our annual Susan B. Anthony Award. As a fierce champion of women’s rights and an outspoken advocate for the abolition of slavery, Susan B. Anthony paved the way for women leaders today and organized positive change that has affected millions of people around the world. Through her tireless commitment to equity and inclusion in non-traditional industries dominated by a white male hegemony, Karen Dove has continued Susan B. Anthony's legacy in her mission to build an equitable world. lumenomics thanks Karen Dove for her decades-long commitment to advancing the interests of women and minority employees in non-traditional careers.

Congratulations, Karen!

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