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lumenomics is a human-centric, natural daylighting company designing, installing, and servicing integrated performance illumination systems for commercial buildings.

We are a natural lighting company first. That matters.


At lumenomics, we help increase the comfort, productivity, and happiness occupants experience in designed spaces through illumination. We utilize smart technology connecting motorized window covering systems, tubular daylighting systems, and connected lighting systems through user-friendly controls so owners and facilities managers can easily manage their buildings' energy efficiency and maximize the use of natural light. 


Seamless integration of smart lighting, side lighting, and top lighting systems via connected lighting controls to provide occupants with meaningful and intuitive controls. 


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Our Lighting Certified (LC) experts facilitates lighting designs that start with natural daylight. Our expertise is in maximizing natural light to enhance rather than distract from the aesthetics of your designed spaces.


On-time, on-budget craftsmanship every time.  We are trained professionals with strong work ethics. We perform quality control at each step to ensure our installations are meeting your expectations. 



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Owners enjoy a surplus in their operations budget when working with lumenomics. We use the free, plentiful natural daylight to lower the cost of ownership and advance business efficiency by increasing employee morale.

For Owner


Real Estate Investment Trusts have a single point of contact when working with lumenomics. From design through installation and service, we can take care of your new construction or existing building stock.

For REIT's

Construction teams can save on schedule and move on to the next best projects because lumenomics can help identify scope gaps,  install on time and per specifications, while maintaining your budget.

For Contractor


Consultants, architects, engineers, lighting rep firms, and designers can create more custom and unique solutions for their clients when working with our collaborative team.  Designing and implementing creative ideas together that comply with daylighting codes and initiatives.

For Designer


"As Director Construction for Fazoli's, we needed a fast, reliable, quality window blind solutions provider to meet the challenges of our new branding design standards. We found that solution in lumenomics!"

Director of Construction

"lumenomics was very proactive in the resolution of issues on the project. Oftentimes, the window treatments are provided directly under a contract with the Owner. As sustainability and energy reduction strategies are developed, window treatments are an integral part of that plan. As a result, interior and exterior shading options are being packaged as part of the construction documents and are required to integrate with the building management controls and interior lighting controls. lumenomics was a good partner in the development of shading options that not only looked good but functioned great."

"Because we invested in the health and wellness and client experience of our members, lighting has really added to Atlas Workbase and our experience here. People tell us every day, ‘I’ve never had a more productive day of work.'"

CEO and Co-founder

Project Executive

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